Our Veterinary Hospital in Apopka


Our Apopka veterinary hospital is devoted¬†to your pet’s wellbeing.

Piedmont Animal Hospital in Apopka, Florida is an AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) accredited hospital. This sets us apart from many other clinics as we have to maintain very standards of quality diagnostics, medicine, facility and care. We open our clinic up to a rigorous review and inspection on a regular basis to ensure that we are living up to these high standards. AAHA was established in 1933 and is well known in the industry for its high standards and quality pet care. AAHA routinely evaluates member clinics on over 900 standards of care in the following areas:  quality of care diagnostic, pharmacy, management, medical records, and facility.

Why should this matter to you? Here are some examples of how these standards impact your pet.

  • Need to provide in house ability for basic diagnostics such as laboratory analyzers and radiology services to aid in quickly and accurately diagnosing your pet.
  • Focus on quality of care in providing safe anesthesia protocols, contagious disease management, dentistry services, pain management for all painful procedures, patient care, surgery and emergency services.
  • Having an available onsite pharmacy to provide the ability to begin treatment immediately.
  • Complete medical records that are maintained in an easily read format to allow practitioners to provide continuity of care including at referral levels.
  • Standards that are constantly evolving challenging their members to continue to grow as knowledge and technology advances around us so that we can always remain on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine.

Our Patients

Many of our patients are very excited to come through our doors! We try to always have a hug, kiss or a treat ready along the way through their visit with us. Here at Piedmont Animal Hospital in Apopka, Florida we always try to provide care with compassion and a smile. Our promise to you is pet care by people who care!

We’re accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association

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