Payment Options

All services must be paid for at the time of your appointment. For your convenience we accept cash, check, Mastercard, Visa and Discover card for routine payment of services.

Care Credit is an option to make expensive procedures or emergency care very affordable and allows you to pay over time. This service can be applied for online or by phone with approvals typically within 15 minutes. Any services or medications costing over $200 will allow you to select 6, 12 or 18 month terms with 0% interest provided you make a monthly payment and pay off balances before the term ends. This is our way of providing an option to make payments on balances without using high interest credit cards.

Pet insurance is another option that helps to offset the cost of high quality care especially in an emergency or illness situation. There are many companies to choose from and any that you consider you should research to see if it is a right fit for you. The way most pet insurance plans work is that you pay for services up front, then submit the claim for reimbursement and require little involvement from the veterinarian. Most of these companies do have exemptions for pre-existing conditions (meaning to try to get a pet insurance plan to help you after diagnosis has begun will not work) and have waiting periods before accident and illness claims can be submitted to prevent people from withholding care from their pets while applying for insurance plans.

One plan we have checked out and think has flexible options for you is ASPCA Pet Insurance. They have convenient plans with easy to understand terms. Their flexibility allows you to choose lower cost accident only plans up to more detail plans that will include reimbursement for wellness and alternative therapies as well. Their structure for deductible is per year not for each incident/claim which helps return more of your money back to your pocket.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

We also recommend pet health insurance from Embrace. They have no separate plans, just a simple “nose-to-tail” comprehensive coverage for your pet. This makes it simple to know what is covered. You can add wellness options that will reimburse you with extra money in your pocket above the cost of the added coverage. You will select your accident/illness rate based on percentage reimbursement, annual deductible and maximum yearly benefits that you choose. They also offer a “vanishing deductible” for healthy pets! For every year your pet remains healthy their deductible will reduce by $50!

Embrace Pet Insurance

When evaluating plans to find the right one for your family you should consider the following:

  • How long has the company been around?
  • Are there exemptions for pre-existing conditions?
  • Cost of the plans
  • Deductible per incident vs. per year
  • Benefit schedule vs. average cost of treatment caps
  • Wellness options
  • Veterinary participation
  • Turnaround times for claims services
  • Coverage for exams
  • Exclusions for congenital or breed conditions
  • Alternative therapy options such as acupuncture, laser, PT, chiropractic
  • Check out how different companies fare with reviews at

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