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Here at Piedmont Animal Hospital we continually strive to provide the most advanced options available to service our clients and their pets. Our Veterinarians and staff are constantly involved in continuing education to keep everyone up to date in what protocols are standard, new procedures, new medications, and new technology available to us to give the highest level of care you can expect at a general practice.

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    Here at Piedmont Animal Hospital we are very proud of our comprehensive dental service offerings. Our dental technicians have received extensive training and studied under a board certified veterinary dentist.…

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    On site, we can provide basic diagnostic services. We can run complete cell counts, chemistry panels, urinalysis, cytology, some viral testing as well as parasite testing. We also utilize a…

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    At Piedmont Animal Hospital in Apopka, FL we have a fully digitalized system in place. All x-rays taken in our facility are done safely for our staff as well as…

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    Surgical Services

    At Piedmont Animal Hospital we offer advanced surgical techniques to minimize pain and discomfort to your pet. We can provide surgery in most any area whether it is preventing unwanted…

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    Emergency Veterinary Care

    Our staff is ready for your emergency any time we are open. It is always best to call us before you arrive to our facility so that lifesaving equipment can…

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    Our doctors at Piedmont Animal Hospital never stop learning so that we can provide for your pets needs at the time of illness and health. We will always provide a…