Dog and Cat Boarding

We have a full service boarding facility available. All dogs are kept in clean runs that are set up on a grated system with drainage in place to ensure they will not have to be in contact with any waste. All dogs are taken to our outdoor runs 3 times a day for fresh air and opportunities to eliminate. When able all dogs are given “play time” in our yard area. We do NOT allow pets from different families to play together in this time unless it is under owner instruction and the dogs are already very familiar with each other. At Piedmont Animal Hospital we will do everything we can to give them the comforts of home in our home and to do that allow you to bring anything you feel will enhance their experience here with you. (your own food, treats, bedding, toys, etc) We also have 1 family sized run for very large dogs or families with several dogs that owners want to stay together. Because there is only 1 of these make sure to book your request early!

Our feline facility is set apart from our canine facilities and offer compartmented “condos” to give cats the vertical space requirements they have to enrich their environment. Depending on occupancy they may have 2-4 compartments. In our cat boarding room there is a window that spans the entire width of the room allowing the cats to look outside where there are a number of trees that call squirrels and birds to visit giving them interesting scenery to look at.

At any time you would like a tour of our boarding facilities just stop by! No appointment is required. We are confident you will always find our facility in a clean state and our tenants happy.

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We’re accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association

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