Parasite Prevention

Preventing parasites BEFORE they happen is a vital part of maintaining your pet’s overall health. At Piedmont Animal Hospital we offer comprehensive parasite prevention options. All pets should be on a heartworm and intestinal parasite prevention protocol, even 100% indoor cats! It only takes but 1 mosquito bite to introduce deadly heartworms.

All heartworm preventatives that we dispense also will provide protection and routine deworming for common intestinal parasites as well. Being that we live in Florida, if you have not had a flea problem yet, you will if you do not use any preventative measures. This is a bullet that can be dodged sometimes for many years but eventually find their way in. Prevention is KEY! Getting rid of these pesky bugs when you find a problem often takes a minimum of 3-4 MONTHS because they usually start in low numbers with great evasive tactics to avoid detection until their numbers and environmental contamination can reach breaking points.

Ask us! We have several options to help find the best one for your household and budget. If you have a dog and live near wooded areas, tick prevention is also recommended. Again, if these manage to get into the house, they can be a nightmare of epic proportions to eliminate. Prevention is always the best plan of action!

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