Pet Selection Counseling

At Piedmont Animal Hospital we would be happy to help you even if you have not chosen your future furry family member yet. In a session such as this we would have you talk to one of our experienced technicians who will find out different aspects of your lifestyle and consider that against what you are looking for in a pet. Sometimes inexperienced pet owners get “buyers remorse” simply due to inadequate education in what is involved in raising a pet. We will help educate you in different areas of pet ownership such as:

1. Expense of raising young pets to adulthood.
2. Expense of maintaining proper health.
3. Expectations of particular breed choices and exercise needs/demands.
4. Helpful hints for selecting a pet from a breeder or rescue/shelter.
5. Answer any questions that you may have.

We want to provide a service like this for our community as it can GREATLY decrease the number of animals that are surrendered to rescue or shelters. Many surrendered animals are due to a simple lack of knowledge of all that is involved in having a pet. You are about to become responsible for another life and we want you to be able to be happy and provide a “FUREVER home”!

We’re accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association

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