Preventive care

An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure! Here at Piedmont Animal Hospital, we embrace the philosophy of PREVENTING disease and early detection as key to helping our pets live long, happy, healthy lives. Major components of prevention are:

  • Annual or semi-annual examinations. This is KEY to find subtle problems your day to day eye may not see.
  • Vaccinations to prevent common and deadly viruses.
  • Early detection blood screening. We can detect subtle organ issues much sooner when they can be treated simply with food and other therapies rather than waiting until your pet is very ill.
  • Parasite screening– heartworm as well as intestinal parasites can have long term effects on health.
  • Parasite prevention! A comprehensive parasite prevention program will include preventing heartworm, intestinal parasites, fleas AND ticks.

We would also like to introduce the Pet Wellness Report which is a valuable tool in preventive care for your pet! This is an interactive communication tool that will help us keep your pet at its best possible health. It begins with us taking a comprehensive wellness panel to detect any early diseases in the blood, urine and feces. At home you will complete a questionnaire online looking into many aspects of your pet’s behavior and health at home in areas such as dental, safety, cardiac, cancer, diet, and more! The time taken to complete this survey takes only minutes but can help us to add healthy YEARS to your pet’s life! This assessment also considers your pet’s breed and age and incorporates any unique concerns brought up by those facts. Our doctors will then be able to review the risk assessment from your answers to consider with our health panel to help us in making any additional recommendations to you. This coordinated review of ALL areas of your pet’s life often reveals areas that are of concern that may have never been THOUGHT of to discuss with you otherwise.┬áThe report that you will receive is very detailed, comprehensive and easy to read and can guide you into any changes in lifestyle needed to keep your pet most healthy. This is a very economical way (an added cost of about $9) to ensure your pet’s TOTAL health!

Please call us today and we can help customize the prevention plan that best suits your pet and their individual needs.

We’re accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association

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